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Find Walk-Behind Saws, Electric Hammers, Hydraulic Splitters, Core Rigs, Early Entry Saws, Ergonomic Tool Holders and Hand-Held Concrete Saws in Connecticut and Massachusetts.


Types of cutting-demolition tools at Able Tool:    

Hand-Held Concrete Saw: Most used for cutting woods and cut through metal.

Walk-Behind Saw: Used to cut concrete or masonry stone. You can use them on asphalt, driveways, basement floors.  

Electric hammers: His principal drive is a motor powered by electricity, used to cut woods and plastic while using a hammered nail.  

Darda Splitters: Darda splitters use the power of hydraulic pressure to split material.

Coring concrete tools: Remove cylindrical concrete pieces. You can use them for plumbing, electrical, drainage and manhole activities.  

Battery/Electric: These are demolition tools that use battery and electric power.   

Ergonomic Tool Holders: Ergonomic Tool Holders are designed to adapt wrenches, chisels and a variety of hand tools.  

Conveyors: Conveyors are used for demolition, debris, moving building materials, concrete and sand.   

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