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Compactors are the most recognized machinery tool in the construction industry. They have the quality of compacting asphalt, trash, sand, debris, and all kind of granular material or soils.    


There are different types of compactors at Able Tool, based on what you need to do in your business or property:  

Asphalt Rollers: Road rollers use the weight of the mobile to compress the surface.  

Dirt Rollers: Specialists in the job of compacting all the soil.   

Battery Powered: Battery-powered equipment is environmentally friendly, produces less noise, and saves costs!

Smooth Drum compactors: As the same Soil's compactor, Smooth Drum works to compact subsoils and asphalt material. They are called “Smooth Drum” because they contain a roller steel cylinder that oscillates a vibrates to eliminate the gaps of asphalt and soil components.  

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