We have dedicated parts personnel that can help you find the right parts for virtually any of your smaller equipment.

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Get the right concrete equipment and tools at Able Tool. 

Able Tool gives the service and support that you require and should expect. Our flexible approach means we will make the effort, to get the right machinery and support you need to be as productive, safe and efficient as possible. 

At Able Tool, we represent only the highest quality manufacturers, companies, providing an extensive inventory for Massachusetts and Connecticut customers.


Give your construction team the capability to finish every concrete project with our wide inventory of concrete tools at Able Tool. 

Placing. Get all the concrete placing material to get all your construction job done! From hand trowels to all kinds of concrete placers. 

Finishing. When it comes to concrete finishes nothing like proper equipment for this, from trowels to brooms. 

Testing.  Concrete testing tools are specialized machines used to check the strength and quality of the cement used in construction. 

Mixing. These are tools that allow an excellent mixture of concrete. The secret for the best mix is to use the right concrete drill mixer attachment, and the drill will do the rest.

Lifters. Concrete lifters can be adjusted to fit your exact project needs.

Coring. A coring drill is a drill specifically designed to remove a cylinder of material, just like a hole saw.  

Core drills are frequently used in the construction industry to build passageways, for plumbing and drainage pipes, space for electrical, installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and road cores. 

Concrete Buggies. They are mainly used for transporting, spot pouring and spread dumping concrete. However, a concrete buggy can be used to move stone, dirt, and construction debris.

Trowels. Trowels let you reshape and add or remove concrete on long-term projects quickly. 

Low Emission. At able Tool we have Low Emission-Green Concrete Equipment, ask our representatives and take care of the environment while doing a great job.