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Get versatile and reliable power, when and where you need it using POWER-LIGHT-TRAFFIC tools.

Road maintenance a others construction projects require lighting with minimal glare. Conventional light fixtures may emit harsh light that could be distracting to drivers, workers and others nearby.

New Light towers provide glare-free lighting for a variety of applications.

Additionally, with design advantages of greater clarity, longevity, lessened power requirements, and safety, Power light diffuser lighting options are becoming more practical and popular. 


Types of Power-Lights-Traffic equipment inventory at Able Tool:  

Portable Generators. Power light at your disposal at any moment. 100% recommended on construction sites, sideways, road construction projects, or any corner where you don’t have an extension cord near you. 

Power distribution. Our staff at Able Tool will recommend you the best power distribution installation equipment.  

Light towers. Light towers have one high-large intensity electric lamp. They are attached to a mobile trailer with a generator set to power the lamps. 

Get your next Power Light machinery at Able Tool 

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