Able Tool for Low/No-Emission Machinery


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Working inside?

Able Tool and Equipment can help you reach the goal of a safe emission-free construction site. We continually work with our suppliers to offer the latest machinery designed for indoor use, generating no exhaust fumes and operating at low noise levels.

For Sale  &  Rental:

  • Electric Excavators  
  • Dual-Fuel Excavators (diesel/electric-hydraulic)
  • Electric Compactors (rammers & plate compactors)
  • Pneumatic Compactors
  • Electric Roadsaws
  • Propane Roadsaws
  • Battery Magic Screeds
  • Electric Trowels
Messersi Electric Hauler Electric Buggy Battery Powered Buggy Battery Powered Hauler with Electric IHI 9vx Electric Mini Excavator

Electric/Battery Hauler Buggy w/Elec Excavator

electric mini excavator working with electric skidsteer Sherpa Electric Mini Loader

Elec. Excavator with Sherpa Electric Skidsteer

The 9VX-3 from IHI is a small mini excavator with large potential. Tracks retract to 27.5” to allow passage through a standard yard gate.

Ihi Electric Excavator Able Tool and Equipment

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Propane Trowel

Track Dumper TCH-R16 FED Battery Powered, are the perfect tracked dumper for many needs.

Track Dumper TCH-R16 FED Battery Powered

Electric Rammer in use CT Able Tool

Electric Rammer in use CT